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FDOT District 5
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  • Public Involvement

U.S. 17/92 Improvements Design

The FDOT District 5 US 17/92 PD&E study is intended to provide access management improvements and to widen the sidewalks by eliminating bicycle lanes and narrowing the typical roadway section from Norfolk Avenue to Monroe Avenue in the Winter Park, Florida area. Stokes Creative Group, Inc. teamed with Parsons Transportation Group, Inc. to assist with public involvement efforts. As a part of these efforts, Stokes assisted in creating and maintaining a stakeholder database and developing a project mission statement. Stokes also assisted in editing and proofing of public hearing materials including notices, advertisements, and presentations, as well as in the execution of both public involvement meetings and the public hearing.

Additionally, in response to the restrictions on public gatherings necessitated by the global pandemic, Stokes provided support for the on-line portion of a hybrid public hearing, including moderation of the on-line participants and public comments, and provided voiceover for the recorded open house presentation. Stokes team also developed the agenda board and project location board for the in-person open house portion of the event.

The Work