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Community Profile Report: Schoolhouse Road Bridge, Brielle, NJ

A community profile report offers project teams an in-depth look at the area in which the project will take place; allowing teams to examine the “big picture” overview of the residences and businesses closest to the site location. These reports help project teams understand the demographics of the people living near the project, as well as an inventory of facilities and resources nearby.

Stokes was proud to partner with Taylor Wiseman & Taylor in 2017 to complete a public involvement task for the concept development study of Schoolhouse Road Bridge over Route 35 in Brielle, New Jersey. Due to the poor condition of the deck and advancing deterioration of the substructure and superstructure, NJDOT contracted a study of the area.

Upon completion of the site tour of Schoolhouse Road and the surrounding area, Stokes’ resident project engineer and public outreach manager created a detailed community profile report which included characteristics of the affected quarter-mile radius area, locations of residences and businesses, demographic and economic information and the various land use characteristics.

In addition to the report, NJDOT requested a community profile checklist, which Stokes completed with an inventory of community facilities, questions regarding access, visual impacts and bicycle and pedestrian safety concerns. The comprehensive 26-page community profile report and checklist will be invaluable for the NJDOT to thoroughly understand the area and prepare for any improvement efforts in the future.

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