Project Client

Project owner

Cooper’s Ferry Partnership
Project Tasks

  • Public Outreach
  • Photography
  • Survey Development
  • Spanish Translation Support
  • Graphic Support
  • Presentation Support
  • Meeting Reports

Camden Waterfront Neighborhood Development Initiative: Transportation Improvement Report

Camden, New Jersey, is experiencing many substantial revitalization efforts in various locations around the city and beautiful waterfront. In 2016, Stokes Creative Group, Inc., partnered with STV, Inc., to provide public outreach support for four public meetings regarding possible transportation improvement ideas for the North Camden and Cramer Hill communities. Stokes graphics and communications experts created sign-in sheets, flyers and surveys in both English and Spanish. In order to gain a full understanding of the challenges that each of the improvements face, Stokes accompanied the project team on a tour of Camden to evaluate the various projects that have been put on a “possibilities” list. Stokes also supplied photography of each project location.

The public involvement meetings held in each of these areas gave attendees the opportunity to provide input on the areas they’d like to see transportation improvements, including bike and pedestrian modes, traffic calming and road conditions. Data collected at the meetings is being analyzed and formulated into a report by STV for Cooper’s Ferry Partnership. To accommodate Camden’s diversity, Stokes provided pivotal Spanish translation support at all four meetings, enabling attendees to effectively communicate their concerns to members of the project team. Stokes also created and delivered summary reports, along with photography, from each public meeting.

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