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Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our MVPs at Stokes, Mr. victor-mottolaVic Mottola, P.E. Vic, a Stokes project manager since 2014, has had a long and impressive career. His 45-plus years of professional engineering experience includes more than 30 NJDOT projects valuing $250 million and serving as a managing engineer on eight major federally funded research studies. Without further ado, let’s get a glimpse into Vic’s career and why he’s so incredibly valuable to the Stokes team.

NICOLE: Hi Vic. Thanks for taking time to shed some light on your career highlights and expertise.
VIC: Thanks, Nicole.

NICOLE: I suppose we could start by talking about how you first decided to go to school for civil engineering and what made you want to become a professional engineer.
VIC: I was introduced to the engineering profession at a very young age. My dad, an NJDOT resident engineer, often took me to work with him (I think to give my mother a break!), so I spent a lot of time on his projects. By high school, I pretty much knew what I wanted to do career-wise.

NICOLE: How long did you work for NJDOT and what were some of your career or project highlights there?
VIC: I started as an NJDOT co-op student in 1970 to help pay my Drexel tuition. After I graduated, I took a position with NJDOT where I remained for 40 years. I vividly remember my summer stint as a laborer (lowest position on the project) with a shovel and a broom on the first sections of Route I-195. 25 years later, I was the resident engineer on the final section of that roadway – yes, it took that long to complete Route I-195!

I spent the last 20 years of my career as an NJDOT project manager. That work was some of the most rewarding of my career. Taking a project from inception through design and construction allowed me to interact with some great people, both in the private and public sectors.

NICOLE: Speaking of project highlights, one of the major projects you were involved in over the years was the Rahway River Bridge Project and the Route 1 and 9 Section Project from 2007 to 2012. Can you tell us about those jobs?
VIC: Sure, Nicole. The Rahway River Bridge Project and the Route 1 and 9 Section Project included replacing the existing four-lane Rahway River Bridge with a 1,200-foot long, six-lane structure; demo and reconstruction of the old bridge; and a mile of roadway. As project manager, I managed all aspects of the two projects – from community outreach and right-of-way acquisition to the design and construction of the bridge and roadway. I was responsible for overseeing the entire schedule and budget for the project, reviewing and approving the ROW and preliminary and final design plans. I also monitored the design consultants’ schedule and work for quality, and I worked closely with NJDEP to obtain permits from the DEP and the Coast Guard to design and construct acceptable structures and environmental mitigation sites.

NICOLE: Wow, that sounds like an important role. Have you given presentations on this or other areas of your expertise before?
VIC: Absolutely. I’ve done more than 50 Federal Highway Administration drainage workshops and highway design seminars across 15 different states from Pennsylvania to Colorado. As a project manager I was often involved in making public outreach presentations for various projects.

NICOLE: Sounds like you’re quite the expert, Vic! Can you shed some insight as to why your expertise at Stokes is invaluable to our clients and how you facilitate effective project management?
VIC: Good project management involves getting the job done on time and within budget. Communication between the client and employees is key to this. Stokes has a great group of very knowledgeable and professional employees who keep communication lines open and always put the client’s satisfaction at the top of the list. Whether it be public outreach, construction documentation, web development – you name it – Stokes approaches every job with employees that are best suited for the project. I must say, I am proud to be a member of the Stokes team.

NICOLE: Great. You’re definitely a valuable asset to our team and I think this spotlight interview has helped our readers understand a bit more about your background and role at Stokes. Thanks for your time!
VIC: Thank you.


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