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Justin Williams, aka “YoUDee,” a bright, enthusiastic University of Delaware justincommunications major, joined the Stokes team in the summer of 2016 as our first college intern. A quick study, Justin became fully entrenched in our business development department from day one and is currently back for some more time with us on winter break. Please enjoy getting to know our talented, rising star in this month’s Stokes spotlight interview.

NICOLE: Hey Justin, welcome back to Stokes and thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with me and tell our readers a little about yourself.
JUSTIN: Hey Nicole! It’s great to be back!

NICOLE: Let’s jump into who you are … how far are you along in your education, what are your career goals after you’re finished with school, and what do you love most about the communications field (or why did you get into it)?
JUSTIN: All right! To kick things off, I am 20 years old and going into my fourth semester at UD, but based on prior college credits that I have taken, I am considered a Junior by the university. Through a much more concentrated education path immediately entering college, I feel lucky to have that head start over many others in my 5,000-student class. As I know you are aware, the field of communications is a broad spectrum covering so many different aspects of the “real-world.” The most exciting part for me is figuring out where in the field I can make the biggest impact. From mass media communications, all the way to human services I find that there are pieces of them all which I enjoy so much. As I continue my studies in the communications realm, finding that niche through new courses is my main goal.

NICOLE: Speaking of school, I’m fascinated to hear a little bit more about your Blue Hen mascot gig. Can you talk about that—how you got involved in it, what it entails, how it feels to be in that suit, etc.?
JUSTIN: Although I’ve never been a mascot before, I’ve always had school spirit. So, senior year of high school I was scrolling through Twitter and out of nowhere there was a tweet from University of Delaware’s account saying “Do you have what it takes to be YoUDee, the University of Delaware mascot?” I told myself I would go for it, thinking the worst that could happen is that I do not make the team and I begin college as a normal student. Eventually the tryout process unfolded and, sure enough, I was selected to be the newest member of the UD Mascot Team. Contrary to popular belief, being the mascot is not an easy job. Our team of eight participates all year round in about 200 athletics- or community service-based events. Being on the team does, however, have its perks! I most recently attended the Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants NFL game for the mascot halftime football match up, which included legendary mascots such as the Philly Phanatic, Swoop and KC the Wolf, among others. Overall, being YoUDee has opened incredible opportunities for me and it’s only going to get more fun!

NICOLE: It sounds fun! Tell us what you’ve enjoyed most about interning with Stokes and how this experience will help you in the future?
JUSTIN: My favorite part about interning with Stokes is the fact that every day I learn a valuable new skill that I can utilize in life, not only the workplace. Because everyone specializes in their own abilities, I feel like I am swimming in a depthless pool of knowledge. Along with the new skills I learn, the experiences I have gone through have already helped me so much. I have the opportunity to travel to the Baltimore and New York offices and I get to do many other things throughout New Jersey! One other thing, even though there are numerous others that I enjoy, is that I am given the opportunity to be independent while doing tasks.

NICOLE: If you had to pick the top three skills that college students must have before they enter the real world, what would you say and why?
1) Be coachable – this is a must-have for college students entering the workforce because even if you studied everything about your area of interest, the real-world experience is where it counts. Take advice, perform and ask a lot of questions.
2) Be personable – be able to hold a conversation! Roll the chair back in the office and get to know the people you will spend most your week with! Also, listening is key in communicating; without listening and understanding, you may find yourself confused and not performing to your greatest potential.
3) Be a leader – take charge of any independent situation you are given by your company. Grab the bull by the horns and don’t let adversity bring you down. Remember, if you ever fail, just get back up and learn from it.

NICOLE: Wow, great answer, Justin! Ok, let’s shift gears and get into a few fun questions. What makes your generation (the millennials) unique and why do you like or dislike being a part of this group?
JUSTIN: To be completely honest with you I don’t even pay attention to the whole millennials, gen x, and gen y stuff! To me, it is just a label, anyone can act different than people in their generation so overall, I would have to say I don’t even bother with those terms. Sorry!

NICOLE: If you could have front row seats to any concert, who would you like to see and why?
JUSTIN: Led Zeppelin! Although I have absolutely no instrument playing ability, I love the incredible guitar, drums and vocals they perform. There is something about them I just truly enjoy.

NICOLE: Lastly, share one item on your bucket list.
JUSTIN: It is a goal of mine to visit every national park in the USA!

NICOLE: Ok, that’s all for this interview. Thanks, Justin!
JUSTIN: Thank you so much Nicole, and thank you to all of our readers!

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