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Every office has that one guy who is friendly, upbeat and typically out on the road working so you don’t get to enjoy seeing him as much as you’d like. That guy is Josh Davison (not Davidson, as many often mistake his last name) and he’s one of our resident photographers. I hope you enjoy meeting one of the nicest, hardest-working guys here in our office.

NICOLE: Hi Josh. Let’s start with a little about your background, where you grew up, school, family, etc., whatever you’d like to share …

JOSH: Having been born in California, you would think it might be difficult to foster a sense of home out here on the East Coast. However, I’ve spent much of my life living here in New Jersey, and I feel it is a place that you must “live here, to love here!” Whether you’re a northerner or a southerner (there’s no such thing as central Jersey, by the way), where you exit the New Jersey Turnpike or the Garden State Parkway is where your heart goes to. This place will always be my home!

NICOLE: Very cool, although I completely disagree with your claim that there isn’t a central Jersey (since that’s where I live). How did you get involved in photography?

JOSH: Whether there was a camera in my hands or not, I believe I’ve always seen the world a little differently than most. So, from a very young age, as soon as I could start capturing that personal perspective, I did. And I honestly couldn’t have done it without the gift of my very first disposable camera from my Dad. Fast forward all the way to High School, my senior year at Edgewood Regional, I was fortunate enough to take my first official Photography course. Again, I was gifted my father’s own manual Canon camera. Despite the convenience and quality of today’s digital photography, I still very much miss those darkroom days! The whole process, start to finish, with that very tangible medium of this particular art, is what grabbed me, took a hold, and never let me go!

NICOLE: Tell us about your role at Stokes and what you enjoy about working here.

JOSH: I am a Photographer/Videographer at Stokes, a position also known as Field Technician. Which means I have the privilege of being able to take my “eye” out into the world and show everyone else out there just what I see! From on-going construction projects, to the people behind the paperwork, there is no event or happening that I cannot appreciate the importance of! Most people only get to see a very tiny fraction of any job, never truly understanding what goes into the whole “big picture.” That’s where I come in. The opportunity for me to not only document, but to also highlight the details with pictures, is one I do not take for granted. In fact, at any networking or informational meetings where I am the Stokes representative, I relish the opportunity to emphasize just how much we value every single person involved. There are no small jobs, and my goal is to paint that picture of every person that makes a piece of this beautiful puzzle.

NICOLE: Now we’ll finish up with a few fun questions. When you’re not at work what do you enjoy doing?

JOSH: I have to say; the hardest part of my day is walking out the door in the morning and the best part is walking right back in. What I fill my time with in between does not lack in importance of endeavor or adventure. However, we all have to agree, those of us with children of our own, that the reason we do it is mostly for them. My daughter Ella Mae and my son Ezra Michael top the list of blessings I count every single day. Just the pure excitement and joy I am witness to, no less, at my arrival back at home, I hope will never fade! So, spending time with them, whether out on our own little adventures, or in simply just kicking our feet up hiding away, will forever on out be the enjoyment of my life!

NICOLE: Great answer! Thank you.

If you’re interested in having Josh work his photographic skills at your next event or on the job site, please contact our business development department at 609-859-8400. Stay tuned for the next Stokes employee spotlight next month and thank you for reading!

PHOTO: Josh Davison asks Camden Mayor Dana Redd for a quick photo at a recent SNJDC event and she happily obliged. Selfies like this are extra cool!

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