Run, Dawn, Run!

I am a big believer in balancing work life and home life, spending quality time with family and friends – and I making time for individual pursuits.  On this social media “holiday” called Stress Awareness Day I have been asked to share something I do for myself that adds to my quality of life.

I have always been a running enthusiast.  Ever since high school (30 years ago now – wow!) running the hallways at Harry S. Truman in Levittown, PA when the weather didn’t cooperate for the outdoors.  I enjoy long distance running and have worked up to running in 5K events. Some of my recent 5K runs benefitted charity organizations like Zero Prostate Cancer,  Stamp Out Hunger and Bringing Home Hope. 

I’ve participated in 5K runs for the past few years.  Some end with wine, and the most recent one ended with Hot Chocolate, marshmallows and melted chocolate!  The Allstate Hot Chocolate 5K for Make-a-Wish Foundation was by far one of the most memorable for me.  It took place on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Philadelphia.  It was a perfect opportunity for selfies in front of the Rocky statue and Art Museum.  It started out a chilly 29 degrees with lots of fog.  By the time we were finished it was a balmy 46 degrees and partly sunny.  Running is an individual activity – but the feeling of well-being is intensified by the shared experience of a 5K event, raising money and awareness for charity and – the best part – my family proudly welcoming me home after I reached my goal!