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FUN FACT: Did you know that May is the month to celebrate women’s health? Most people simply know it’s the month of Mother’s Day. This May, our team members attended the annual Women Builders Council awards dinner (and won two awards) as well as the annual Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS) conference. Both events were held in New York City, the home of our latest office location. With so many events and days celebrating women this month, we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about the long-time support of women workers here at Stokes Creative Group, Inc.

When Founder Joanne Stokes launched her first construction photography business in 1985, she had no idea that decades later she would be helping numerous women rise to the top of the business world as professionals and leaders within her highly successful marketing agency. Over the rich, 32-year history of our company, Joanne firmly supported hiring the brightest and most talented women in virtually all areas of the company from photography, project management, sales, human resources, marketing and beyond. She has helped single mothers provide for their children; recent graduates gain real world experience; unemployed candidates desperate for work to get back on their feet and obtain a meaningful role at the company—and the list goes on and on.

Below is a list of the current women leaders in director and management level positions within the business, along with their titles and years of service to Stokes. These women perform a multitude of tasks, often wearing more than one hat (so-to-speak) and executing their responsibilities with creativity and diligence.

  • Diane Konopka*, Human Resources & Finance Manager, 28 years
  • Amber Konopka, Construction Support Services Supervisor, 8 years
  • Patty Egan*, Director of Business Development, 7 years
  • Kelly Stokes, Construction Project Manager, 7 years
  • Qiao Wu*, Public Outreach Manager, 6 years
  • Nicole Pace, M.A., Director of Marketing & Communication, 3 years
  • Mary Ann Rozengard, M.B.A., Business Development Manager, 2 years
  • Shaquanna Shields, M.A., Public Outreach Manager, 1 year

*Indicates Principal

In addition to these women leaders, there are many other significant women contributors to our company’s success including:

  • Dawn Morris, Bookkeeper, 7 years
  • Maegan Konopka, Business Administrative Assistant, 5 years
  • Elena Malfi, Executive Assistant to the President, 2 years
  • Rachel Ellis, Business Development Research Assistant, 1 year
  • Cheryl Riley, Senior Public Relations Specialist, 2017 new hire
  • Tanya Schmidt, M.H.R., Business Development, 2017 new hire

As you can see, Stokes proudly employs many intelligent, successful women at each of our four office locations on the East Coast. Whether these women have four children or fur children, they are proud, hard-working moms, creative and forward-thinking professionals, respected team players, beloved family members and valued by clients and coworkers alike.

If you would like to learn more about these women and their roles at Stokes, please call us toll-free at 1- 844-572-8046 and discover the next addition to your project team or how they can help make your job easier.

The Women Leaders at Stokes Creative Group, Inc.

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