Project Image Management

Stokes Creative Group, Inc., is excited to introduce a new service to help you keep an eye on the progress of your project with our online Project Image Management (PIM) tool.




  • Stokes provides high-resolution professional grade photography
  • PIM is a limitless software that can help reduce project risks and create stronger communication within the project team
  • We help manage your project by uploading & organizing your photographs to your site plans routinely (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Secure password-protected webpage and mobile app
  • Round-the-clock access to your plans, images and project notes
  • Search photos by date/time, trade, location or keyword
  • Incorporate markers for milestones such as completed tasks or project obstacles
    • Flag project completed tasks
    • Record daily weather reports that may cause setbacks
    • Analyze & compare – It’s like using a virtual x-ray
  • Your project team is able to work together remotely
    • Prioritize tasks
    • Create punch lists
    • Generate reports
  • Share project information with team members via email, SMS text message, Facebook or Twitter

PIM Gallery