A Full-Service Marketing Agency Proudly Serving the East Coast for Over 35 Years.

  • Joanne Stokes
    Joanne Stokes Founder & CEO
  • Diane Konopka
    Diane Konopka President
  • Rob DeCoursy
    Rob DeCoursy General Manager
  • Matthew Touhey
    Matthew Touhey Vice President of Production/Technology
  • Stephen Gonski, M.F.A.
    Stephen Gonski, M.F.A. Video Production Director
  • Myron Mariano
    Myron Mariano Web Design & Development Lead
  • Nicole Pace-Addeo, M.A.
    Nicole Pace-Addeo, M.A. Public Outreach Director
  • Lori Flint
    Lori Flint Graphic Designer / Text Editor
  • Sophia Fox
    Sophia Fox Public Outreach Specialist
  • Victor Mottola, P.E.
    Victor Mottola, P.E. Project Manager
  • Dr. Mary Ann Rozengard
    Dr. Mary Ann Rozengard Senior Public Outreach Specialist
  • Tracy Schiavino
    Tracy Schiavino Project Controls
  • Mimi Weaver
    Mimi Weaver Financial Accountant
  • Tiffany Brytczuk
    Tiffany Brytczuk Public Outreach Specialist
  • Darren Alfonso
    Darren Alfonso Public Outreach Specialist
  • Christian Buonpastore
    Christian Buonpastore Photographer/Videographer
  • Anthony Sytko
    Anthony Sytko Senior Project Manager
  • Kevin Chevalier
    Kevin Chevalier Proposal Manager
  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez Photographer/Videographer
  • Bill Miele
    Bill Miele New Jersey Team Leader -Marketing & CSS Department
  • Maegan Newman
    Maegan Newman Construction Services Dept. Leader
  • Amber Konopka-McElvarr
    Amber Konopka-McElvarr Construction Services Supervisor