• Joanne Stokes
    Joanne Stokes President & CEO
  • Barbara Zieger, M.A.
    Barbara Zieger, M.A. General Manager / Chief Financial Officer
  • Chris Stokes
    Chris Stokes Creative Director, Major Projects/Proposals
  • Valerie Burnette, A.P.R.
    Valerie Burnette, A.P.R. Vice President, Public Outreach
  • Diane Konopka
    Diane Konopka Vice President of Operations/HR Manager
  • Matthew Touhey
    Matthew Touhey Vice President of Production/Technology
  • Qiao Wu Dinallo
    Qiao Wu Dinallo Director of Public Outreach
  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Marketing & Advertising Supervisor
  • Myron Mariano
    Myron Mariano Web Design & Development Lead
  • Stephen Gonski, M.F.A.
    Stephen Gonski, M.F.A. Video Production Director
  • Michael Epperson
    Michael Epperson Videographer/Senior Video Editor
  • Nicole Pace-Addeo, M.A.
    Nicole Pace-Addeo, M.A. NJ Public Outreach Manager
  • Marly Cardona Moz, M.A.
    Marly Cardona Moz, M.A. MD Area Public Outreach Manager
  • Mary Ann Rozengard, MBA
    Mary Ann Rozengard, MBA Vice President, Stokes Florida
  • Adrienne Zicklin Kanter, M.S.U.P.
    Adrienne Zicklin Kanter, M.S.U.P. NY Area Public Outreach Manager
  • Dan Marcy
    Dan Marcy Senior Public Outreach Specialist
  • Kirsten West
    Kirsten West Senior Public Outreach Specialist
  • William Campbell
    William Campbell Public Outreach Specialist
  • Aage Schroder III, P.E.
    Aage Schroder III, P.E. Senior Transportation Specialist
  • Victor Mottola, P.E.
    Victor Mottola, P.E. Project Manager
  • Josh Davison
    Josh Davison Photographer/Videographer
  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez Photographer/Videographer
  • Maegan Konopka
    Maegan Konopka Construction Services Dept. Leader
  • Jamie Feger
    Jamie Feger Proposal Coordinator
  • Melissa Cruz
    Melissa Cruz Project Accountant
  • Kristina King, MPA
    Kristina King, MPA Florida Administrative Support Specialist
  • Sheridan Smith
    Sheridan Smith Seasonal Associate