Written by Sam Capri, Chief Operating Officer at Stokes Creative Group, Inc.

My entire career has QA/QC of large, engineering construction projects of petrochemical and gasses vendors and manufacturing facilities around the world. As the Chief Operating Officer of Stokes, I have taken on the responsibility of running the business and helping our team facilitate problem-solving the challenges that our clients face. Every day is unique and it is a pleasure to see our construction support services, marketing and advertising, and public outreach divisions produce quality products and materials for our valued clientele along the East Coast.

As much as I enjoy my role in the business, I can’t help but miss my involvement with the technical aspects of my former responsibilities as Chief QA/QC Inspector and Head of Global Construction for large corporations like Dow Chemical and Linde. So, in an effort to get my technical hat back on, I stepped in to contact several companies from my previous realm of work including Duraloy, a foundry in Pennsylvania. Duraloy is a US-based foundry and supplier of high temperature nickel castings.

After a successful discussion with Duraloy’s upper management team, members from Stokes’ award-winning video production crew and I set off for a 4-hour drive to a small town just outside of Pittsburgh. I took acted as the lead technical advisor. Understanding the needs of the client helped our team to capture both aerial drone and on the ground footage that showed not just the fire and brimstone of a foundry, but the quality and service that the end user of their product is looking for.

The production team took the footage back to our Vincentown, NJ, headquarters and created this 5-minute promotional video that Duraloy uses to show potential future clients – and current clients – all over the world. This promotion helps them educate sales prospects, potential employees, trade show visitors, and is also used on their website and email marketing efforts. Please enjoy the video …

Duraloy, located near Pittsburgh, PA, is one of America’s premiere steel foundries. This promotional video features an in-depth look at the process of steel fabrication, as well as the benefits of keeping steel production in America’s towns.


If you’re interested in producing a high-quality promotional video of your business like this, please contact a representative from Stokes’ Business Development team at 609-859-8400 for more information. These video promotion tools pay back large dividends through the education of your services, history and reputation while also helping to visually promote the strengths of your company and team.

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