BLOG: 2021 Florida Automated Vehicles Summit (FAV) Recap

Mary Ann Rozengard, vice president Stokes Florida, recently attended the 2021 Florida Automated Vehicles Summit (FAV) in Orlando. The FAV Summit assembled industry leaders from around the world to address technologies, operations, and policy issues. Topics for the ninth annual conference included automated, connected, electric, and shared (ACES) mobility; operations; law; infrastructure; functional design; cyber security; ethics; aftermarket products; enabling technologies; and public policy.

Mary Ann gained insight into what Florida is doing to create the ideal environment for the implementation and deployment of autonomous and connected vehicle technologies. She attended live demonstrations and exhibits from Beep, Arcimoto, and DANNAR showcasing automated technologies and was able to see firsthand the utilization of these technologies on our roadways. Mary Ann also had the opportunity to connect with Beep’s senior vice president of business development, Jennifer Foote, and chief marketing officer, Racquel Asa, to discuss some of their upcoming projects in Florida.

Senator Jeff Brandes; Kevin J. Thibault, secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT); Brad Thoburn, assistant secretary of strategic development for FDOT; and Laura Kelley, executive director for the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX), were among more than 80 speakers at the conference.

The summit included breakout sessions focused on current and future autonomous vehicle technologies and how they apply to the state of Florida.

The conference closed with a preview of the 2022 Jacksonville FAV Summit from Bernard Schmidt, vice president of automation and innovation for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA).

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