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Click on the photos below to view conditions in your town or a town close to you. On each photo, there will be a link for you to email the photo you are viewing to your local legislators or share it on social media. You can view your local Legislators’ contact information below along with a sample email text. Please share these!

Essex County, District 28

Contact Your Representative Today. Senate
(D) Senator Ronald L. Rice
1044 South Orange Ave.
Newark, NJ 07106
Phone: (973) 371-5665
(D) Assemblyman Ralph R. Caputo
148-152 Franklin St.
Belleville, NJ 07109
Phone: (973) 450-0484
(D) Assemblywoman Cleopatra G. Tucker
400 Lyons Ave.
Newark, NJ 07112
Phone: (973) 926-4320


Email Your Representative Now

Please copy and paste the information below into your email client to send an email directly to your representatives.


Subject: What to Do?

Email Body: As a resident who lives in and drives through your district, I'd like to bring to your attention to the road conditions, traffic congestion, and decaying infrastructure right in our area and what we the people endure on a daily basis. This needs to be addressed now and can no longer be delayed.

What can we do to fix this?

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